Pop Up Toy Haulers – What can they really haul?

Make your camping and hiking trips even more memorable and fun with a toy hauler. From off-road destinations to finding out new camping destinations, it all gets easier when you have a toy hauler at your disposal. But going off-road does not mean leaving behind your worldly comforts. This is where the toy hauler becomes the perfect companion. They can carry all your loads easily.

Cargo trailers and travel trailers were combined to create the toy hauler or sports RV ten years from now. Around 2003-2004 these vehicles gained much popularity among off-route travelers. When you have much to carry around, but your cars cannot carry around a full-sized travel trailer or ATV, the toy trailers come in handy. Let us find out more about their use and what makes pop up toy haulers so popular.

What are pop-up toy haulers?

The toy hauler is a type of RV or trailer designed to haul toys. This does not mean small toys for kids but items like golf carts, bikes, quads and even snowmobiles. In short, everything you can take for an adventurous trip can be hauled using this trailer.

Toy haulers come in different sizes and features, similar to bigger caravans. They are available in the form of compact trailers as well as massive equipment haulers. They are also available with living spaces and dedicated storage- all in one package. You can reduce the time needed for loading items and also get indoor space if you wish for it while camping. Thus, you will have enough time for camping as well.

Usually, the toy hauler comes with a small living space and a kitchen. They even have a bed included. Some of the models come with a garage space that can convert into a sitting area after the sofa is folded down. Larger toy haulers even have extra storage space and a fixed living room.

Types of toy haulers

Toy haulers come in different shapes and sizes. There are four different types of toy hauler models based on their features.

Travel Toy haulers

They are quite affordable when compared to 5th wheel haulers and motorhome toy haulers. This is why they are quite popular. Moreover, they have sufficient living space and are yet compact in design. The storage space is abundant making it a versatile choice. You can easily use it by detaching the hitch to free the towing car.

5th wheel toy hauler

It comes connected with a bed of the truck with a jaw hitch. It is a quite stable design and provides more living space. There is ample storage area, workshop and even a fold-up sofa or a bed. They have an overall luxurious design suitable for people who spend the majority of their time on the road.


You get optimum convenience and luxury by opting for the motorcoach. It combines a spacious living area, storage space and vehicle. However, they are quite expensive because of the all-in-one design. Moreover, they lack flexibility compared to other vehicles in the same genre.

Cargo Trailer

They only offer storage space. There is a side entry to load and unload your cargo easily on the trailer. It works best for those who have a sorted living space while traveling and only need enough space to carry their items.

What Can Pop Up Toy Haulers Really Haul?

The pop-up haulers or the toy haulers are extremely versatile. Moreover, there are no weight-related regulations on the amount of cargo you can carry. Having said that, it is best to load within the limits of your vehicle. The best part about pop-up toy haulers is that you can easily haul several essentials for camping and off-road trips.

You can even mount a pop-up tent on the deck of the truck. Usually, these types of haulers are comparatively lighter than the traditional versions. However, they come in varying capacities. The weight of the trailer varies from one model to another. It all comes down to the type of vehicle you are hitching the hauler with. The capacity of the vehicle would matter as well since it must be able to handle the weight.

Pop Up Toy Hauler Vs. Travel Trailer Toy Hauler

There are many differences between the pop-up hauler and the travel hauler. The primary difference lies in the size and capacity of both the haulers. As the name suggests, the pop-up hauler is comparatively smaller and compact. It has enough space for living but is not too big. On the other hand, the travel trailer has more elaborate living space and detailed features.

The pop-up hauler is very suitable for remotest off-road places. However, the travel trailers are not as flexible and hence cannot reach all places easily. The price is significantly different for both types of vehicles. The pop-up trailer is usually less expensive unless you are choosing the most luxurious variant available out there.


One can rightly say that pop-up haulers or toy haulers are quite suitable for most travel enthusiasts when you invest in them wisely. By understanding the different variants available, you can easily ensure you find the perfect hauler for your purpose.